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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?                                                                                                
Refinishing a tub and tile takes approximately two days.

Is the new refinish the same as the original refinish?
We use patented polymer that bonds directly to the surface it has the same look and feel of a new tub, shower etc.

How long after completion before we can use the shower?
Same day we finish the job.

Will my tub look painted?
No.It won't have brush marks or drips.the topcoat material is applied with a spray gun that yields a super- smooth- high gloss finish.

What if my fixture is damaged?
No problem in fact that's one of the major reasons fixtures are refinish; part of the process is fixing all type of damaged.

What bathroom and kitchen surfaces can be refinish?
Tubs, wall tile, sinks, vanity top, fiberglass, ceramic, cast iron, acrylic, porcelain, cultured marble, just to name few.

What kind of repairs can you do?
We can fix cracks, chips, rust, scratches, dull spots, discoloration, fiberglass repairs and much more.

Are there any offensive odors with  refinishing?
Any time you have painting done in your home there will be some lingering paint odors for a few hours. We minimize these odors by using a sophisticated exhaust system that vents dust and odor to the outside while we work.