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Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Refinishing in Contra Costa, CA

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Total Transformation with Kitchen Countertop Refinishing in Contra Costa, CA

Why replace when you can revamp? America's Tub and Tile Refinishing makes even the oldest countertop look new again. By performing kitchen countertop refinishing in Contra Costa, CA, we dramatically extend its life by covering it with a very hard and durable coating. Best of all, we customize your countertops to meet your needs and specifications. Choose the color or design, and we’ll do it for you.


Update the Appearance of Your Kitchen & Bath

Just about anything can be painted, refinished, or reglazed. However, when it comes to kitchen and bathroom sink refinishing, it’s important to use an experienced person who uses the right products and proper techniques to accomplish the task. Whether you want to refinish countertops in a small kitchen or you want to refinish your master bathroom countertops, you can depend on us to get the job done properly. We use only the best materials and procedures to ensure your countertops are durable and attractive for many years to come.


Professional Countertop Repair Specialists

Before purchasing a restoration kit at a big-box store, it’s important to weigh your options. Often, these kits make the process look much simpler than it actually is. Accurate countertop refinishing requires skill, the right tools, the proper methods, and years of experience in the trade. We make the process look easy and ensure that you enjoy an exceptional finished product.

Let us show you how to eliminate dull, scratched countertops without throwing them away. Our process not only saves you money, but it practically gives your kitchen or bathroom a makeover. In addition, countertops that look new add value to your home or business. We renew any surface by providing high-quality and completely customized services.

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